Brickwork & Plastering



Whether you simply want to convert a door to a window, seek a new garage, home extension or even an entire house, our bricklayers have built just about everything in a domestic home so you can be assured all work will be to the highest possible standard every time.

To protect your walls and ceilings from draughts and wear and tear, we also provide a plastering service. By layering three coats of plaster onto your new walls and ceilings, it makes a strong and sanitary coating. Generally, these three layers will be used on rooms with most importance. One coat work can be used on outhouses and factories.

On every job the one constant is reliability we will keep to our estimates and budgets, be there when we say we will and get the job done no matter what is required. With over a decade of experience, the very best tradesmen, a personalised, hands-on service and expert knowledge and expertise, we can guarantee a home that will perfectly suit your needs and requirements.